Sleepy Hollow High School Radio Station Gives a Voice to Students 

Sleepy Hollow High School students Michael Rosario and Keanu Garcia recording Sleepy Hollow Sports

Sleepy Hollow High School students went back in time when they recreated H.G. Wells classic “The War of the Worlds” on The new BMI licensed radio station, which facilitates copyright compliance, is fully funded by the Foundation for the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns launched in September. 

Approximately 30 students enrolled in the after school club. Senior Phoebe Neilsen directed the show and is part of a core group of students who are actively involved with writing, producing and editing original shows. 

Juniors Luciano Lopez-Parnetti and Sam Leviatin edited the audio for War of the Worlds and Ashlee Molina and sophomore Griffin Neilsen also contributed to the show. They all worked on the production at home due to the pandemic. 

“My favorite part about directing this show was how hands-on and intimate it was. I felt like I had much more creative control with “War of the Worlds” than I have had with other projects,” said Phoebe. Students even rewrote part of the narrative to fit in with modern times. 

SHHS mathematics teacher Michael A. Frank is the radio station advisor who understands first-hand how working at a radio station can build character and self-esteem. Frank and two friends produced a morning show as seniors at Ramapo High School and said the opportunity allowed him to express himself. 

Michael Rosario co-hosts “Sleepy Hollow Sports Radio,” “Cinema Talks”, and is planning “Sleepy Comics”, a program to discuss all things from the comic world including movies and comic book characters comic book episodes. 

“It feels so amazing that people want to listen to my show,’ said Michael. “The listeners love it so much and it inspires me to keep going.” Michael sees the radio station as an avenue to share his love of sports, movies and superheroes with others who share these past times. 

Students Sandra Aderemi and Sayako Aizeki-Nevins run “Let’s Talk About It where they have interviewed local politicians including Mondaire JonesElijah Reichlin-Melnick and State Senator Pete Harkham. “I had never done a radio show before and I was nervous,” said Sandra. “We came together and then during the interview I found myself. I also discovered it takes a lot of work to put on a show.” 

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