Scholar Athlete of the Month: Beckett Herman

Beckett Herman Sets Career Wrestling Record at Hen Hud 

Celebrating senior Beckett Herman’s record-setting wrestling victory are (from left) Hen Hud Assistant Coach Dennis Wolownik, Head Coach Shane Turrone, Herman, and previous record-holder Kevin McDermott. Photo: Hendrick Hudson Athletic Department

Hendrick Hudson High School senior wrestler Beckett Herman won his 130th career match earlier this year, vaulting him to the top of the list for career wins in the school’s wrestling history. Herman’s milestone victory took place during the semifinals of the Edgemont Wrestling Tournament, which the Hen Hud wrestler would go on to win.   

The previous record-holder, Kevin McDermott, from the class of 2013, had 129 wins. After the match, McDermott was on hand to present Beckett with a congratulatory plaque. 

Head Coach Shane TurroneClass of 2007, with 108 career wrestling wins, joined Herman and McDermott with Assistant Coach Dennis Wolownik on the mat to celebrate the impressive milestone. “Beckett is one in a million, the kind of athlete every coach dreams of having on their team,” said Turrone. “Throughout his wrestling career, he has shown how dedicated he is by consistently putting in the extra time and effort to hone his skill and be the best he can possibly be. His drive, perseverance, and leadership skills are unparalleled.”  

RJN interviewed Beckett after selecting him as our March Scholar-Athlete of the Month

Is setting the school wins record the highlight of your wrestling career so far? 

Setting the school wins record is a huge goal that I have had my eyes on for a while. In 8th grade, at the end-of-season dinner, I was joking around with [previous record-holder Kevin] McDermott and said I was going to smash his record. But since then, it was in the back of my mind, and achieving that goal meant a lot to me.  

However, the highlight of my wrestling career was winning the Hendrick Hudson Sailors Classic tournament the past two years. It felt really good to win it this year, since I had a hard match that went into overtime. On top of that, my best friend and co-captain Michael Tosi also won [his weight class in] the tournament, which was huge.  

What is your motivation when you’re on the mat during matches and when training? 

My motivation every day I step onto the mat is to improve. I record and watch every match I wrestle, including the ones I lose. I focus on the errors I make, and how I can get better. During matches, I think to myself I can win if I wrestle my match, and then make it happen.  

What is the most rewarding part of wrestling? 

Seeing my progression. Each year, I’ve gotten better and I’m glad, since I’ve worked really hard to improve. I go to practice every day during the season, and then go to club practices multiple times a week. For the past two years, I’ve been going to double workouts, my team practice, and then club practice right after, and it has really paid off.  

How do you balance athletics and academics? 

I stay up late to do homework. I get home three times a week from double workouts at around 9 pm. I shower, eat dinner, then do homework. It really isn’t that bad if I stay focused and do my homework, but when I procrastinate, I’m up late. My goal is to get high honor roll (90 or above grade point average) every quarter of high school — and so far, I haven’t missed it. AP (Advanced Placement) classes are the most time-consuming for homework, but they aren’t too bad.  

What’s your favorite school subject? 

AP computer science. It challenges me to think in different and creative ways.  

Do you have any role models? 

[Hen Hud wrestling] Coach Turrone is a big role model of mine. Same with Coach Anthony Tortora, who coaches me at Empire Wrestling Academy in Somers.  

What are your college plans?  

I’ve been accepted by 13 colleges and waiting to hear from one other. I’m leaning towards the University of Massachusetts Amherst and plan on majoring in Nursing. I’ve been accepted to its nursing program and honors college. I want to become a nurse. Maybe after that a nurse practitioner.  

What about wrestling in college? 

I might do club or intramural wrestling, but don’t plan on wrestling varsity. 

What’s a life lesson you’ve learned from wrestling? 

If you push through the pain and being tired, you can achieve anything.  

What do you do for relaxation and recreation? 

I like to watch TV shows — Rick and Morty, One Punch Man, Samurai Champloo — and play with my two dogs. Winston is a 6-year-old Golden Doodle and Newton is a 2-year-old Terrier Pit Bull mix.  

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