Ossining Theater Students Perform “LOVE/SICK,” an Unromantic Comedy

Dana Mejia and Frank Marrero play Sarah and Bill in the “Uh-Oh” scene of “LOVE/SICK.” (Photo: Daisy Bolger)

Ossining High School Drama mounted a production of the play “LOVE/SICK” by John Cariani in early November. “LOVE/SICK” is a collection of nine short plays that explore the joy and pain of love.

In one vignette, a man breaks up with his girlfriend through a singing telegram. In another, a woman who wants to add some spark to her marriage scares her husband with what turns out to be a toy gun. A couple celebrating a birthday talk about how they “forgot” to have children in a third vignette.

This was the first Ossining Drama production in the auditorium in two years. The last performance was on a stage built outside the school, and one before that was short films shown online.

The cast and crew for “LOVE/SICK” included 33 students. Teachers Jessica Beattie and Emily Ilson were the director and assistant director, respectively.

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