Local Resident Combines Love of Teaching and Singing to Help Others Grow 

Very often, the question What do I want to do for the rest of my life? can be frustrating, because its difficult to choose a career path when it seems as though there are hundreds of possible options. Sometimes, people need years to determine their true calling. Other times, they know exactly what they are meant to do.  

Irvington resident Kristin Halliday is one of those people. Teaching is something that I knew I always wanted to do,” said Halliday.   

Coming from a family of music enthusiasts, Halliday was trained and closely mentored by Betti McDonald, a renowned dramatic soprano and singing teacher.  

Soon, Halliday began teaching voice lessons herself and her teaching business thrived in her hometown in Maryland. She opened a studio and was training nearly fifty clients. After a few years, Halliday moved to New York City where she found continued success with her clients, many of whom have gone on to perform on and Off-Broadway. 

In addition to teaching, Halliday has also rehabilitated clients with vocal injuries that included nodes and paralyzed vocal cords. While working closely with medical professionals, Halliday has succeeded in restoring their voices to complete health.  

Halliday described her teaching philosophy as unique, taking a holistic approach so that her clients can learn in a safe space with complete freedom of expression. I believe that each persons voice is a unique gift that each of us has the divine right to experience freely and joyfully,” said Halliday.  

Halliday described her proudest moment when working with clients as, “There have been many proud moments. There is nothing like sharing the joy when a singer discovers the power of feeling a free and unobstructed instrument that allows them to open up and express themselves.” Halliday yearns to consistently empower her clients and guide them so that they may master their own instrument. Not only does Halliday’s philosophy help with vocal training, but she gives her clients the tools to excel in public speaking and acting as well.  

Now living in Irvington where she praises the school district and the easy transition it has been for herself and her family. Halliday continues to work with clients from all around the country through Skype and FaceTime but hopes to build her business in the River Towns area as well.  

When it comes to training, the sky’s the limit for Halliday. “Teaching is what I do,” declared Halliday, and she is determined to empower people to use their voices strongly and effortlessly through her teaching 

Interested in being trained by an experienced vocal coach? Contact Kristin at (301) 461-6774. 





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