Kindergartners Turn Themselves into Butterflies with Green Screen Technology

There is a lot of symmetry in nature, such as in flowers, leaves and pinecones. Butterflies also have a symmetrical shape and symmetrical patterns on their wings.

Now that it is spring, butterflies are the perfect way to teach young learners about the concept of symmetry so Todd kindergarten teacher Jeanne Dal Piaz came up with a creative project for the students: she had them turn themselves into butterflies.

Students began by watching a slideshow about symmetry. They then posed in front of a green screen. Once they had a printout of their photo they designed the butterfly wings by using pattern blocks. Next, they replaced the pattern blocks with pattern block stickers for the final result and colored the rest of the wings.

“The students loved posing in front of the green screen, knowing it was for a project in which they would be butterflies!” Ms. Dal Piaz said.

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