Irvington Teen Used His Down Time to Dream Up a Clothing Brand, Naturally

Brice Pierce wants his clothing line to appeal to “people passionate about environmental change.”

A lover of art, fashion, and the environment15-year-old Brice Pierce of Irvington took advantage of his time off from school due to Covid-19 to create something that would be both inspiring and beneficial for others: he launched a clothing brand 

Revive Clothing Company sells nature inspired clothing that is shown through the designs and colors, which are printed on 100% ring spun cotton. All of the clothing is made in eco-friendly warehouses and the garments are colored through the process of pigment dyeing that uses non-toxic chemicals.  

“I had a lot of time on my hands,” Pierce says. I think that’s why I came out with a final product that was much better than anticipated. I was able to put all of my effort into the brand, and create an impressive website as well.”  

Pierce began marketing his clothing by selling to his friends and family, who have been very supportive of his brand. “I have yet to experience any doubt from my friends and family,” Pierce states. “The majority of the people that know me weren’t surprised about what I was doing.”  


Pierce is looking into Instagram and Facebook ads to showcase his brand and he is creating content for his social media sites. Halso is reaching out to local retail shops that might be interested in carrying this kind of niche product.  

“The idea of this brand is to not only provide a desired product, but to create a community of people who are also passionate about environmental change,” Pierce says. 

Revive short-sleeve shirts sell for $30

After making sales to people whom Pierce knew, he chose 10 friends from different high schools in Westchester and 10 friends from colleges across the country to become brand ambassadors, with the idea that they will help increase brand awareness and sales.  

“I’m giving them each a discount code with their names, so I can track how many sales each of them is bringing in,” Pierce said. “By doing this I can see which types of people are actually buying my things.” Revive prices range from $30 for a short-sleeve to $50 for a hoodie. 


One of the challenges Pierce has faced since creating Revive is finding the balance between what the customer wants and what he wants 

“I am creating something that is unique in that they are my designs, and I want to continue to do that,” said Pierce, but I can’t be self-centered about it, because I want to attract more and more customers as time goes on.”  

Pierce’s goal for his clothing store is to find a reputable custom tshirt printing service and to get as much exposure as possible, so that he is able to sustain his brand throughout his high school years, and possibly continue through college.  

“I believe in myselfand if I have success in this, I want to bring it out to the real world,” Pierce said.   


Rebeccah Worth is a freelance writer based in Northern Westchester. 






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