Ideas Germinate in Pocantico’s New Makerspace Classroom

Pocantico Hills Makerspace
Students pose a scene while another snaps it with an iPad in Pocantico’s Makerspace classroom.

In Pocantico Hills Makerspace classroom, girls quibbled over a marker; boys found pencil tips breaking as they wrote; another student couldn’t log onto a computer.

The scenarios weren’t real: The fourth-graders were acting out scenes their classmates were capturing with iPads in the Makerspace classroom, a place where students use their creativity to explore, design, solve problems and invent. The classroom opened in September and is used by kindergarten through fifth grade to collaborate on projects, brainstorm and learn skills.

The Pocantico Hills Foundation provided financial support to launch the Makerspace.

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About the Author: Evelyn Mertens