From Military To Mercy College To Math Teacher!

William Farber of Ardsley is a Professor at Mercy College. He has obtained a grant to provide veterans with a great scholarship – from the military to Mercy College to Math Teacher. Veterans can earn a Master of Science Degree in Mathematics Education and have their tuition fully covered! The scholarship and career program provides US veterans with $32,800 in scholarship support to cover the full cost of tuition; 36 graduate credits, 140 days of clinical internship in a Yonkers public secondary school under the mentoring of an experienced math secondary school teacher.  A Mercy College faculty member will provide professional mentoring and on site classroom support for the academic year; professional support to prepare for teach certification examinations and on site mentoring and online follow up support during the first and second years of teaching.

The number of participants can be up to 10 veterans per year.  For more information contact Professor William Farber, Program director at Mercy College.  //  914 674 7675.

Watch this video for further details:

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