Ebay, Airbnb, Uber…One Day University? 

Relaunch thrives connecting professors with lifelong learners 

Just a few months ago, One Day University was filling auditoriums around the country with people who love to learn. When the pandemic caused a shutdown of all large gatherings, the company pivoted in order to deliver the same quality content to their audience, now from the comfort and safety of their home. For a decade they’ve been best known for finding the most dynamic professors from renown schools to teach a variety of topics – from Abraham Lincoln to Zoology and everything in-between. In just weeks, the One Day U team built a 2,000+ online community, where people enthusiastically fill their time watching and learning from the very best. Then the community doubled in size. Then it doubled again. And again

In 1997, EBay was launched to connect sellers and buyers, and in 2008, Airbnb began connecting short term renters and property owners. Three years later Uber followed,  connect anyone  who wanted to go somewhere with drivers who wanted to take them there. Now, in the Pandemic of 2020, One Day University has emerged to connect outstanding professors who love to teach with lifelong learners across the country.

The online membership program, which costs $7.95 per month, is modeled after that of Netflix or Spotify. You have access to their full  library of content (over 400 classes), as well as  live events that are streamed five days a week. One Day University has always had a reputation for interesting topics, and has recently added many timely issues to the schedule including  The Spanish Flu of 1918, What Would FDR Do Now?  and earlier this month What’s Wrong With Congress?  Of course, they also have classes about Mozart, Ben Franklin, Marie Curie, pizza, chocolate, and coffee!

As more members subscribe – currently the count is 17,000 – One Day University is adapting to make the online community just as welcoming as their in person events. With so many people who were previously unable to come to the in-person events, the company is glad to see a surge in interest in the online learning concept. Many members opt to watch lectures as they happen live, but there is always the option to go back and view them later. One Day University certainly delivers a top-notch service for people looking to spend their time learning about interesting topics from the best minds in the country. And besides, how else can you attend Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Michigan and UCLA all in the same week?

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