Briarcliff Student Fills School Hallways with Kindness and Positivity

Elle Restivo

Kindness Week was in February at Briarcliff Middle School, but many students got inspired to practice kindness year-round. One such student is seventh grader Elle Restivo, who created “Kindness Challenge” posters to place around the school hallways.

The posters have pieces of paper that students and staff can tear off and either hold on to, or give away to others. The papers have words on encouragement such as “you got this!” and “think positive!”

Elle, who spearheaded this initiative, had the help of middle school psychologist Dr. Elissa Novick.

“I was inspired to create the Kindness Challenge fliers because I understand that young kids such as ourselves can’t always fully express emotions to one another,” Elle explained. “I thought it would be a good idea to create the fliers so that people can still compliment, encourage or apologize, and express their feelings even if it’s challenging at times,” she added.

Elle hopes that when students tear off the papers, they find joy and clarity when they need it most.

“The papers are also a good reminder to people that kindness should be encouraged in everyday conversations,” she said. “A smile can make a huge difference in someone’s day.”

“I thought it was remarkable that someone placed a little piece of positivity around our school, encouraging students and staff to take a message with them throughout their day,” said Assistant Principal Amy Gladstone.



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