Briarcliff Kindergartners Learn about Cooperation and Togetherness


There is no such thing as “too early” when it comes to educating students about the power of collaboration and friendship, and at Todd Elementary School, kindergartners seem to have a head start.  

In honor of Martin Luther Kings Day, students in Jeanne Dal Piaz’s class read the book The Land of Many Colors and created artwork and wrote uplifting messages inspired by the book’s illustrations.  

“In the book, there are green, blue and purple people. Initially, some groups believe they are the best. Later they learn that they are all happiest when they cooperate and realize that togetherness is best,” said Ms. Dal Piaz. 

The students used digital stencils to create art and had their own set of watercolors. The remote learners were able to create identical projects at home through a Learn To Watercolor Paint Course. 

On the bottom of each artwork, the students completed the sentence The world would be a better place if ______” said Ms. Dal Piaz. 

Some of the responses were: “If everyone shared and helped each other,” and “If we all loved each other. 

“The students’ responses were heartwarming,” Ms. Dal Piaz said. The world can learn much from our kindergartners!”

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