Briarcliff High School’s National Honor Society Inducts 76 New Members

Briarcliff High School is one of the smallest public high schools in Westchester County, it can now boast a whopping 76 new inductees to the National Honor Society.

Recently, math teacher and NHS faculty advisor Kevin Courtney and Principal Diana Blank held a ceremony to welcome all new inductees to the honor society. Ms. Blank handed the students certificates as they got up on the stage in the auditorium.

“We are very excited to welcome a large group of talented young people into this very prestigious organization,” Mr. Courtney said. “These students have a cumulative weighted GPA of 93 or higher, have been model citizens here at Briarcliff High School, and have served in their community to help improve the lives of others.”

Members of the National Honor Society meet before school twice a month to discuss membership responsibilities and activities. Each member is responsible for offering voluntary tutoring services for students in the Briarcliff Manor School district for up to one hour per week. In past years, the National Honor Society has also sponsored two blood drives per year in conjunction with the New York Blood Center.

“All of these inductees have done an amazing job of representing the student body of Briarcliff High School,” Mr. Courtney said. “Congratulations to all!”

Briarcliff High School National Honor Society Inductee Benjamin Raphael

These are the inductees:

Briarcliff High School National Honor Society Inductee Kyla Miller


Mariam Abud Chalita, Sarah Aframian, Aloken Chaudhari, Samuel Fash, Victoria Fludgate, Kabir Gowda, David Hao, Immanuel Jacob, Logan Jones, Matthew Lee, Kyla Miller, Sarah Renz, Jackson Ricciardi, Evan Van Camp, Benjamin Young, Darren Zheng


Caroline Barbalato, Justin Boder, Caitlin Bombassei, Jennifer Burnette, Catherine Carrafiello, Layla Carter, Sasha Carter, Suraya Chalabi, Gabriela Chioccola, Eleonora Culotta, Claire Friedel, Emma Galiano, Alessandra Giardini, Evan Gleason, Jessica Gordon, Nicolas Gornisiewicz, Noah Hirschhorn, Zachary Hoyer, Ardian Ivezaj, Lauren Jacoby, Kate Kaplan, Karan Keerthy, Tevin Kim, Alex Kirshenbaum, Paige Krsulich, Annabelle Kung, Andrew Labick, Shane Landau, Shannon Lee, Amelia Lightfoot, Talia London, Katherine Lynch, Alison Manganello, Meggy Mani, Waiz Mansoor, Hannah Melnick, Ian Miller, Isabella Mingoia, Gabriel Mirsky, Paige Mischenko, Ann Pastore, Cooper Plank, Justin Plank, Ryan Prechtl, Theodore Racz, Benjamin Raphael, Coby Rinke, Madeline Rohde, Jason Rosenbaum, Madeline Rowe, Olivia Scott, Nitya Shukla, Kornel Smith, Alexander Southern, Saydee Star, Jason Starr, Shafin Thahseen, Alexander Vaream, Ryan Wancier, Dylan Zednik

Visit the Briarcliff Manor School District Facebook page to view more photos.


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