Briarcliff High School’s Artists Showcase their Work

The undeniable talent of Briarcliff High School’s art students will be on full display this week and members of the community are invited to view it in-person.

The Department of Visual Arts at Briarcliff High School is proud to present ART SALON 2022, a stunning exhibition of painting, drawing, ceramics, photography and film by the school’s talented students.

The show will be held at the high school lobby, as well as at the theater of the auditorium, this Thursday evening, May 12, from 6-8 pm.

The work of eleven Advanced Placement Portfolio Art & Design students will be featured. Each demonstrates sustained work around a specially-chosen theme. The AP students this year are Oliver Canales Greenwood, Tyler Cho, Sam Fash, Ada Hossfeld, Alex Lyandres-Sainsot, Kailyn Reilly, Sarah Renz, Atillia Smith, Madelyn Venezia, Caroline Calenda and Ben Young. Mentored by Department Leader Roxanne Ritacco, their work is awe-inspiring.

Also on view will be paintings and drawings that represent a variety of genres from still-life to landscape to portraiture. Foundation level students will show expressive block prints curated by faculty member Taylor Reno. The show will also feature black and white photographs by students in the darkroom photography program, as well as digital color photos by the digital photography students. Bold examples of graphic design from the media arts classes will showcase the students’ adept use of technology. A wide array of ceramics and sculpture highlight students’ three-dimensional skills. Faculty members John Brooks and Jessica Dubin teach the classes in which these mediums are explored.

Film shorts, created by the Introduction to Film and Digital Editing class and the Briarcliff Future Filmmakers, led by faculty member Jamie Mandel, will round off the evening. Films will be shown in the District Auditorium.

“We are excited to celebrate the achievements and commitment of the young artists of Briarcliff High School in-person this year,” Dubin said. “Through thick and thin, the students have remained dedicated to their craft, grown and sustained their interest in every aspect of art-making. We are sure everyone will be impressed by the high level of achievement on view,” she said.

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