How To Practice What You Have Learned Online In The Real World


Online learning has a lot of rewards. It can help improve your skills and even add to your CV or resume to give you more work opportunities. However, online learners usually find it hard to translate what they have learned online into everyday applications and solve real-world problems. There are numerous online classes such as Preply which offers intermediate English classes online, Udemy, edX, Udacity, LinkedIn Learning, and Coursera, among many more. Here is how you can translate what you learn online into real-life situations.

Why online learning is important

Most students would previously stop learning after completing their education especially after an intense online college algebra course. However, the work environment continues to experience dynamic changes. This means that more people are now looking for online learning courses to improve their work prospects or venture into other fields of interest.

Employers will appreciate the effort you put into learning

Employers will appreciate the effort you put forward in learning new skills. This is because these skills add value to your resume and speak a lot about your character in taking up new challenges. An employer will also appreciate that you are investing in yourself by leveling up on your skills, which ultimately also adds value both to you and the company. Investing in online learning will also demonstrate to your employer that you bring new capabilities to the company. Therefore, when going to your next interview or promotion talk, be sure to add your online coursework to show them you are a valuable asset and are adding value to the company or organization.

Supplementary skills add to your resume

Studies from Burning Glass Technologies show that more and more jobs are becoming hybridized, and adding a single hybrid can increase your salary by up to 40%. This means you may need to acquire technical or soft skills to complement your core skills. For example, if you work in marketing, additional skills such as learning data analysis will make you more marketable.

The modern workplace is very competitive, and you will be fighting for the same job with many others who may have a lot of experience and talent. This means that taking up an extra course to complement your core skills will increase the prospect of acquiring your dream job.

Learning is a lifelong venture

Even when you think you have learned enough, it is essential to have the mindset that learning is a life-long venture, especially in the ever-changing dynamics of the modern world. It is essential always to be curious, be ready to go the extra mile, be disciplined and have a passion for learning. When you choose to pursue an online course, make sure you see it through, which shows that you can choose a challenging task and see it to completion.

How to showcase your skills

After investing time and energy in finishing an online course, it is now time to show it off. The first place to showcase your newfound skills is by updating your CV or resume. It is crucial to showcase courses relevant to the position you are applying for. You may also want to show them in your LinkedIn profile or talk to your manager to let them know you have acquired relevant skills. This will keep them informed and in a position to ask more of you if need be.


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