Covid-19 Creating Space for Contractors to Give Back to Their Community

The Dwyer family, past winners of the “Remodel for Reason project

Paint Track Painting will launch its 2nd Annual Charity Project, “Remodel For Reason” to give back to deserving individuals in Westchester County.

In 2020, Paint Track, like many other businesses, had to shut down operations due to the pandemic. The charity program was created after seeing the risks and struggles that frontline and essential workers dealt with on a daily basis due to Covid-19.

Paint Track chose 10 individuals and gave winners $1500 worth of painting work. Winners included nurses, doctors, firefighters, and police officers.

In 2021, Paint Track is looking to work with school faculty and staff members to give back to those who were challenged by the changes that Covid-19 brought to school systems.

From November 26th- January 15th, Paint Track is taking submissions from any school faculty or staff member to give a minimum of $3000 worth of painting work to. Three winners will be picked once submissions end, and the work will be completed in the spring of 2022.

Ray Rahni, Paint Track Painting Services owner, said it is a great way to give thanks to community members that are involved in the education system in our county.

“It’s hard to imagine the pressure school faculty and staff had to go through once schools were shut down and everything was put online in such short notice. We want to show our appreciation for everything they had to go through,” Rahni said.

The project is a collaborative effort between Paint Track Painting Services and The Painting Contractors Association in order to allow contractors across the nation to provide their services for families in need, all the way from painting and interior design contractors to roofing services and siding contractors. When you need a team of experts that has extensive experience in siding installation and repair, then you may to visit a good place like for some best help options!

Sarah Chuback, project manager at Paint Track, said the charity project has been a great way to find a greater purpose in the field of construction.

“We’ve always tried to give back to the community, but with ‘Remodel For Reason’ we have specific goals that are so rewarding once they are completed. Being able to partner up with other contractors and see them bring the project to their communities has been an amazing experience,” Chuback said.

In order to nominate yourself or someone you know for the 2021 Remodel For Reason project, visit the link in the bio of Paint Track Painting Services Instagram (@painttrackpaintingservices) or Facebook (@painttrack) and fill out a form. Alternatively, you can visit the link on their website’s blog.

Paint Track Painting Services is a full service residential and commercial painting company in Westchester County, NY, committed to using no-or-low-VOC paints and other environmentally-friendly products.


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