Briarcliff Manor People’s Caucus (PC) Election Results

Steve Vescio Briarcliff Mayor
Steve Vescio, People’s Caucus Nominee for Mayor of Briarcliff Manor

People’s Caucus (PC) Election Results.  The People’s Caucus (PC) has provided the following election information for general distribution: a total of 970 votes were cast (884 in person and 86 valid absentee ballots) on Wednesday, 23 January.

The final tally for Mayor was:

Lori Sullivan:   283 Votes

Steven Vescio: 675 Votes

The final tally for two Trustee positions was: 

Mark Wilson:   339 Votes

Bryan Zirman:  351 Votes

Peter Chatzky: 644 Votes

Ned Midgley:   568 Votes

Accordingly, Steven Vescio, Peter Chatzky and Ned Midgley have received the endorsement of the People’s Caucus. Following the collection and filing with the Village of signatures on the Caucus’ Independent Nominating Petitions by 13 February, they will appear on the Caucus’ ballot line for Mayor and Village Trustee in the upcoming Village Election on 19 March.

The Caucus Executive Committee wishes to thank all six candidates for participating in a spirited, contested election that generated near record community participation.

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