Letter to the Editor: ‘We need to fix Town of Cortlandt’s Finances’

The Town of Cortlandt 2020 Fiscal report stated: that the fund balance has decreased from $19,513,216.00 in 2011 to $10,836,270.00 in 2020.

This decline has been caused by poor fiscal planning.  These deficits must be addressed. The People who made this mess are not the answer.

The Town of Cortlandt has had to borrow in 2016 $3,231,705.00  2018 $647,817.00 and 2019 $2,513,959.00  just to balance their unbalanced budgets.

That is not balancing the budget. That is borrowing from your credit card to put into your savings account.

In 2020 the Town Fund balance went from $18,459,997.00 in 2019 to $10,836,270.00… that is about over eight million in one year and at the same time the Town borrowed $3,410,342.00!!!

The reduction in fund balances is not entirely caused by capital investment, but rather spending more than revenue taken in over the last decade.

Please Vote for Laurie Ryan for Town Supervisor and Tom Walsh and Warren Smith for Councilman this November.

Thank you
Javier Loja
Cortlandt Manor

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