Op-Ed: Hackley Tenant Protection Project

If your landlord is treating you unfairly and you need help or cannot afford a lawyer, please contact us. We are fluent in English and Spanish and will help anyone, regardless of background, for free. We can help you with problems such as:

  • Eviction threats
  • Rescheduling payments due to loss of job or change in financial status
  • Lack of heat or hot water
  • Rodent or bug infestation
  • Other issues that place your health or financial situation at risk

We are students from the Hackley School who help tenants facing difficulties with their landlords. I started this project after I read an article on CNN explaining how many people were threatened with eviction from their homes or lack of basic needs, such as hot water or protection from rodents or insects.  In many cases, landlords violated the law, taking advantage of tenants who do not understand the protections afforded them.

Local real estate laws contain protections for tenants and strict guidelines that landlords must follow under these circumstances. Unfortunately, in many cases, tenants are unaware of local real estate protections, do not understand English well, and/or cannot afford a lawyer. As a result, landlords can bully or take advantage of tenants and exploit their rights to a home.

After reading the CNN article, I researched this topic further and realized that tenants need help understanding and fighting for their rights. I then reached out to legal clinics to learn further from their experiences.

A month ago, we partnered with the Legal Services of Hudson Valley, who will provide you with free legal advice. We are fluent in both Spanish and English, and will help anyone in need, regardless of background. We have translated documents so native Spanish speakers who have difficulty with English will understand how they are protected from eviction and other landlord threats. We have a powerful and hardworking team, and will work our hardest to fix your problem and help you save time and money along with reducing your financial stress.

Please contact us for free help:




  1. This is wonderful information to share with the community! SO proud of the work that you and your classmates are doing under your leadership!

  2. I know that this is program is born of genuine caring, true dedication to this cause and a ton of hard work. I am so proud of you and your team for making this happen. How wonderful for the many families I am sure you will help with eviction problems and tenant rights violations. Thank you for being a difference-maker!

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