No Second Term

It is with a sad heart that I am unable to run for a second term, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that supported me during the past two years.

During my tenure as a Tarrytown Trustee I have learned many things about our Village and those who run it. There were many committees established to address important issues. These committees have spent valuable time coming up with a Mission Statement to improve or resolve these issues, but I saw very few, if any, come to fruition. Why was nothing done? For whose benefit were these committees established? People came before the Board with concerns. We listened, but ignored them. All residents deserve to have their concerns taken seriously and responded to in a timely manner. Everyone’s concerns should be addressed, not just the "big" projects, or those of a select group. Matters were discussed and then fell by the wayside. I was always thoughtful of the residents, and brought their concerns to the table. I was told many times that these concerns were unfounded. We must to get back to the basics and listen to the people that put us in office. As to the current major projects — the firehouses, waterfront, Village Hall, Neperan Park, etc.— these projects had been in the works for many years. We were fortunate that they got going during the past two years, but groundwork began long before this Administration came into office. I could see that without this groundwork, nothing could have been accomplished. It takes many years of work, review, negotiating, meetings, etc. We need representatives on the Board that will bring Tarrytown back to the people who are concerned with traffic, taxes, senior citizens and the employees that keep the Village running — not to big developers. In order to do this, on Tuesday, March 20th we must vote for the team of Domenic Morabito, Mayor, Paul Cancro, Bob Kearns and Joe McCarthy (Trustees). Vote Rows B, C & D.

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