Letter to the Editor: Katherin Crossling for Ossining School Board

Katherin Crossling

I am writing today to extol the virtues and magnify the importance of re-electing Katherin Crossling to the Ossining School Board.

I have been fortuitous to know Katherin and her family for over 5 years and I have always been taken by her incredible drive and passion for improvement and progression in all walks of her life.

As an educator for over 40 years, and the partner of an Ossining schoolteacher, I have seen the  palpable impact of Katherin’s achievements on Education and her commitment to encouraging diversity and opportunities for all.

Katherin’s has relentless drive and spirit.

I have witnessed this first-hand through her zeal and dedication to Destination Imagination (DI), a global nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring the next generation of innovators, leaders, and creative problem solvers.

Over the last five years Katherin has been instrumental in the organization and development of DI in Ossining, leading teams, providing professional development, and furnishing opportunities for Ossining students to follow creative and innovational aspirations.

Katherin was instrumental and determined that this enrichment program would be available for all ambitious DI students in Ossining.

She personally set forth to alleviate the financial burden to students and families in our area by instigating and pursuing a funding proposal that provided access to all Ossining DI aspirants.

Through her drive for equitable opportunity, and supportive funding,  Ossining DI created over 10 teams of exceptional quality, which led to two of the teams winning Regionals and then competing in the DI Global Championships in Kansas City.  From little things, big things grow.

As a further example of her drive, in 2019, when the Destination Imagination Regional Championships, to be held in Westchester County, was on the verge of cancellation due to storm damage, it was Katherin Crossling with her perennial determination who rescued the event.  Over 400 families and students from New York City and northern New York State had been training for months for the important event and overnight it hung in jeopardy.

Within days it was Katherin  Crossling who was able to identify and instigate a new performance venue, adapt an effective support structure of over 100 staff, and through her tireless commitment, provide a culminating championship, in Ossining, that earned the gratitude of not only the organization, but highlighted the benevolence of the Ossining School Board and most importantly, saved the dreams and hard work of hundreds young minds.

Katherin’s traits as a successful attorney are imperative qualities for any Education Board.

She brings a measure of communication that is predicated in the consideration of all stakeholders (such an essential quality in today’s society), assists and drives decisions that are research bound and is personable and reflective for all constituents.

I am proud to endorse  and promote Trustee Crossling to a further term on the Ossining School Board as we continue to grow and enrich our families and community.

Simply put- Katherin gets it done!

Brian Green
President of Creative School Services Inc.
Parent of students in Ossining Schools



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