‘It changed my life’

Dear Editor,

I’m 54 and for the last year I have watched my son workout at Empire Fitness in Ardsley always thinking that those workout days were over for me. It wasn’t until I saw a mother and daughter finishing a session that I thought it possible to start working out with my son. Since October, we’ve been working out together and I really am indebted to Empire Fitness for my renewed energy, strength and elimination of many of the aches and pains that I thought were just part of being 54. My biggest fear during working out was that I could injure myself but thanks to my fitness trainer, Gabe Rinato, and his team I remain injury-free. Gabe is also a nutritionist and nutrition also plays a part in my fitness program. Working out is a great way to spend time with my son. I just wanted to share that with your readers because it really has changed my life.


Rob Shore


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