Crossing Party Lines

Sheila Attai is my definite choice for Mayor in the Village of Irvington. Together with her husband, Lari, and their three children, Sheila has been a dynamic member of the Village of Irvington for the past 40 years.

She has been involved in all facets of Village life both as a volunteer and as an elected official. Her commitment to the Village has been selfless and unwavering. She has been instrumental in improving the educational system, the Village administration, and the senior citizen activities. She is successful because she carefully listens to both sides of an issue and then makes her final decision based on the facts. She then sticks by her decisions and implements them. She has been personally supportive of all Village services, both paid and volunteer, including the police, fire, ambulance, and local hospitals. She cultivates relationships with every member of the community, young and old, making them feel a part of the governing process.

In the past six years, Irvington government has been more about settling disputes between politicians, than solving the issues that affect the quality of life in the Village. Sheila Attai is a consensus candidate, who can bring both sides together to work for the greater good.

This March, I will be crossing party lines to vote for Sheila Attai, because she can get the job done, and has the track record to prove it. I hope you will join me.

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