Where Local Government and Classic Rock Meet 

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Blending two worlds is not always easy, and it certainly isn’t always expected, especially when the two realms happen to be classic rock and local government. However, Anthony Giaccio is not only managing the separate pursuits, but he is also finding ways that the two spheres are connected.  

Anthony is currently the Village Administrator of Sleepy Hollow, a position he has held for eleven years. In his spare time, he performs in two local cover bands, as well as writing his own music. His career in local government began 27 years ago, when Anthony noticed an old dilapidated racquetball court in his hometown of Ardsley and decided to raise his complaint with the local government. He inquired if there was anything that could be done with the court, and the Village Manager immediately suggested he join the Recreation Committee. His time on the committee led to a parttime job, which sparked his interest in recreation as a whole, and ultimately ignited his career in local government. Anthony spent 10 years working in the Recreation Departments of Ardsley, Hastings, and Dobb’s Ferry, and after receiving his master’s in Public Administration, he was promoted to Superintendent of Dobb’s Ferry. He then assumed his current role as the Village Administrator of Sleepy Hollow 11 years ago.  

As the Village Administrator of Sleepy Hollow, Anthony is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the town, which involves the planning, organizing, and budgeting of all the local government activities, as well as overseeing 75 full-time staff members in addition to the 25-30 part-time and seasonal employees. The Administrator supervises any improvement projects, including the water system, village parks, and streetscapes, while also assisting the Village Board on land usage in relation to the redevelopment of the Sleepy Hollow waterfront.   

Clearly, Anthony’s daytime agenda in local government can see a wide breadth of weighty tasks, but his nights and weekends are often filled with a different rhythm. Anthony first began playing the guitar at the age of 14, and while most of his friends continued to focus on playing their instruments, Anthony became interested in writing music, in addition to performing. He says, “I find it as a release for me, especially in high school dealing with all sorts of issues, I found it as a way to escape and still find it as a way to escape”.   

Today, Anthony plays with two local cover bands called Bad Art and the Incumbents. While they often play at small venues, talent shows and bars, they have also had the opportunity to play at venues like the Tarrytown Music Hall and at the minor league baseball stadium for the Rockland Boulders. Most recently, The Incumbents were the closing act for J.P. Doyle’s 20th Anniversary Block Party, where they are recognized for their high-energy performances of rock and classic party favorites. Aside from playing for recreation, the bands often play for fundraisers benefiting the local school systems, the Sleepy Hollow Performing Arts Booster, and other local charities. While playing in these bands is a great way to relieve daily stresses, Anthony also feels that playing in a local band enables him to be more involved in the town he serves. In some ways, Anthony sees “it is as almost an extension of this job as being a representative of the community.” Not only is Anthony acting as part of the community by being in a local band, but he is also using his talents as a way to give back to the same institutions.   

Between performing for fundraisers and at other venues, both bands are still conscientious of flexibility in practice times, as well as not overcommitting for gigs, since every member has a separate day job. With both bands combined, Anthony will generally perform once a month. However, in January, he will be playing on the 11th with The Incumbents at the Tarrytown Music Hall for the 7th Annual Winter Blues for the Performing Arts Booster and with Bad Art on the 18th at Doubledays in Dobbs Ferry. However, he is most looking forward to his performance on January 10th, where he will be playing his original music for the first time at the Hudson Anchor in Sleepy Hollow.   

While the worlds of a local government official and a rock guitarist don’t exactly seem to coincide, Anthony Giaccio is doing an excellent job in blending both his passions. Anthony’s daytime role very clearly serves the public, but his music simultaneously provides a reason for the very same community to gather and enjoy a night out in one of the various venues that make living in the River Towns unique.  


January 10 – Original Music Show at Hudson Anchor 7:00pm-9:00pm 

January 11 – Winter Blues TBA 

January 18 – BAD ART at Double Days 9:00pm-12 midnight 

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  1. Anthony, Patti received word from George Calvi that you were talented in management and music. Sounds like a good left/right brain exercise and a bit of fun as well.

    Buffalo Springfield was one of my favorites, and their title song had a foot planted in both the musical and governmental worlds.

    Keep up the good work.

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