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Prioritize the importance of current projects either recently completed or ongoing. Choose at least 3 areas where Village government has placed their attention.

1) Comprehensive Plan – Work on updating the Village’s Comprehensive Plan began this past Spring. Completion is expected in early 2019. The plan will help guide the Village on zoning amendments, capital improvements, and other is-sues that will face the Village for years to come.

2) East Parcel Redevelopment – Site work on redeveloping the East Parcel has begun. The plan for the site includes a new DPW garage, recreational facilities, open space, a com-munity center, performing arts space, and trails.

3) Sidewalks and Decorative Lights on Beekman Avenue – The Village received grants to redo the sidewalks and the decorative lights on Beekman Avenue. Preliminary work has begun and the actual construction will start in late 2019.

What are some of the challenges facing your Village in terms of growth, parking, avail-able housing, village basic services, etc.? 

The biggest challenge facing the Village will be preparing for the redevelopment of the old General Motors property. Toll Brothers has started construction of phase one of the project and the sales office is now open. We expect the first residents to be living there next year. The Village will have to prepare for the impact this development will have on the downtown, traffic, and other Village services. The comprehensive plan will help to address these challenges in the future.

The Village will continue its efforts to address illegal housing, affordable housing, and improving the downtown business district.
Name a problem area or areas where a coordinated effort is needed within your Village. If not a problem area, then an area that requires governmental vigilance.

Sleepy Hollow, Briarcliff, and Tarrytown have been working closely on issues related to our respective water systems. We meet monthly and have a great working relationship. A large project we have been working on is creating a connection to the new water treatment plant in Valhalla. This project is important to complete by the Fall of 2019 because New York City will be shutting off our current water source temporarily for maintenance.

However water testing and water treatment for home and commercial uses is becoming an increasingly important issue. A good company like water treatment Middleton WI is committed to bringing safer, more reliable water supplies to every home and business.

What projects are on tap or in the planning stages for 2019?

Private projects include progress on the first phase of the Edge-on-Hudson project, which will include completion on the long-awaited reconstruction of the Beekman Avenue Bridge and a green buffer between Ichabod’s Landing and Edge-on-Hudson.

Village projects include new sidewalks and decorative lights on Beekman Avenue, Fremont Pond improvements, water infrastructure improvements, a new playground at Douglas Park, East Parcel site work, Horseman Statue Island improvements and plans to re-pair the bulkhead at Ichabod’s Landing. We are also planning to re-pave areas of the Village affected by the Con Edison gas line replacement project.

Lastly, add any information for your Village that you would like our readers to know.

Next year is the 200th anniersary of the first publication of Washington Irving’s “Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” The Villages of Sleepy Hollow and Tarry-town, together with a number of partner organizations, are celebrating this milestone throughout 2019 and 2020, by planning events that will ex-plore Irving’s cultural and artistic legacy. Events being dis-cussed include a Litfest, movie, music and food festivals, a historic boat ride, art in the park and an academic conference.

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