Two Sages Equal One Emotion-filled Music Video

‘I was kind of nervous because I’ve never done anything like that.” – Morgan Sage, age 10

When she was six years old, Tarrytown resident Morgan Sage discovered her happy place: the ice rink.

Spending multiple hours on the ice nearly every day throughout the past four years, 10-year-old Morgan has turned her passion for figure skating into a talent.

From her membership on the Skyliners Synchronized Figure Skating Team and the Rye Figure Skating Club to her participation in the 2020 Eastern U.S. Sectional Championship Division, Morgan’s ability to convey emotion through her performance has not gone unnoticed — especially by singer-songwriter Rachael Sage (no relation).


Rachael is an alternative pop artist known for founding MPress Records as well as her many song placements in the hit reality TV show Dance Moms. After viewing a Facebook video of Morgan’s performance on the ice, Rachael knew the young figure skater was the perfect fit to star in the music video for her latest single, “Blue Sky Days”.

Working together on the ice, Rachael and Morgan spent a week choreographing and five hours shooting the music video.

“It was really fun, but the ice was really crowded so it was kind of hard. I was kind of nervous because I’ve never done anything like that,” said Morgan.


As an elementary school student, Morgan had to figure out a balance between her starring role in Rachael’s music video and her schoolwork.

“I was really busy with school too and didn’t tell anyone I was in the music video. I was trying to do work at the same time,” explained Morgan.

Rachael’s latest single delves into her cancer recovery, taking her audience through myriad emotions. At the tender age of 10, Morgan was given the challenge of representing the important message of the song through her performance.

“I really enjoyed it,” said Morgan, “because I really love acting and performance. It was definitely something I am always going to remember.”

Immersing herself in the raw emotion of the piece, Morgan performed with great purpose and care that was well beyond her years.


In addition to starring in a music video released internationally, Morgan has enjoyed other recent success on the rink.

“One of my proudest skating moments was when we won the Eastern Championship this year,” reflected Morgan, “when we thought we would lose. It was so exciting.”

Morgan is hoping her story will help inspire and empower other young women to persevere and to follow their dreams, no matter how out-of-reach they seem.

“This was my dream, so never give up your passions. I almost gave up because I kept getting hurt, but then this happened, and I was really happy,” said Morgan.

As she continues to take great strides on the ice, Morgan Sage plans to loop and twirl her love for skating far into the future.

Sarah Dolgin is a student at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

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