Tarrytown Seeks Stimulus Package Aid

The stimulus package that Washington is now dealing with may eventually work for Tarrytown when it is finally approved for individual states. Tarrytown has asked the Department of Transportation in New York State for participation in its Transportation Improvement Program.

The Village applied at the end of January for assistance in several areas.

First on the wish list is $2.5 million for an improved 100-car parking lot next to the new Village Hall. Because of its Federal nature, the lot must be split between Village and non-village citizens on a first come/ first served basis. Costs for this type of parking lot run approximately $20 – $25 thousand for every parking space. Furthermore, Village Administrator Michael Blau estimates that very little will change as to who uses the parking lot, because of the proximity to the existing lots on the River side of the tracks.

Secondly, the Village has applied for an additional $3 million for a complete rehabilitation of the "H" bridge leading into the Hudson Harbor area.

In addition, other projects on the Spring list include continuing remedies for Loh Park flooding. Loh Park has been the source of runoff problems for several years and will take additional monies to further fix those problems. Two additional projects involving the Village water supply will require $2.5 million for 4,500 lineal feet of water line as well as the cleaning and cementing of l0,600 lineal feet. of various lines in several key areas throughout the Village.

As funding becomes available, a silt retention system for clearing water flow through Village pipes is being contemplated. In addition, moving the basketball and tennis courts from their current location to a further inland location is similarly being considered as a spring project.

Much of the timing on all of these projects depends obviously on what happens with the Washington stimulus package. However, whatever happens, the timing for the entire Village budget is locked in stone, i.e. the budget must be submitted by March 20 and has to be approved by May 1, 2009.

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