Tarrytown on the Move

As the summer winds down, the Village of Tarrytown continues with a full slate of projects that will start or continue into the new year. In a review of the projects now in front of the Board of Trustees, Administrator Michael Blau outlined several key projects, starting with a sign of the times — a "Workplace Violence Prevention Program." Blau says that while he expects no fights to erupt among Tarrytown’s employees, or among the various people that visit the Village, the State has mandated that a program be developed to monitor the possibility that such an event could occur in today’s workplace.

In a quieter area, literally, the Village will be improving the walking paths near the Lakes. Over the years, several locations have become problematic —including a bridge that is in need of major repair. A grant in the amount of $6,000 is being applied to this project. Another issue being discussed is bicycle racks for the downtown area. There is some sentiment that it is time for bicycles to take on a greater role in traveling to, from and around the Village. Whether the racks will fit on sidewalks will be dependent on local laws that allow Village eateries and retailers to also use the areas for signage and outdoor seating.

Next on the to-do list, a bus for senior citizens will be replaced for $110,000 with a grant of $29,000 being used to defray expenses. Additionally, coming up again is the subject of the Old Village Hall in its possible role as "affordable housing." National ReSources of Connecticut has agreed to pay a major part of the building fees for 12 units in the old administration building on Wildey Street. One of the Village executives observed that the location was quite suitable for the purpose, being close to the library and to C- Town. Next, the question has arisen as to whether to enclose the tennis and basketball courts with a bubble. Some residents feel that eight months a year with this bubble is too long since it could affect the "viewshed" of the river for too long a period. In yet another project area, the Army Corps of Engineers will look to finish the various projects that require study and consultation such as sludge, drainage and weed growth. The Corps has offered to provide services primarily for the Lakes area which will help the Village in its study needs.

Another sign of the changing times is the possibility of using solar paneling at the new Village Hall. Initial reaction has been positive, particularly since part of the construction cost will come from the President’s "stimulus" package. Last, but hardly least, the several agreements involving Tarrytown Waterfront LLC, Westchester Industries, Inc. and the Scenic Hudson Land Trust will be brought up-to-date and signed. Documents covered will be a conservation easement, an easement for monitoring gravity walls, and a park management agreement.

As the months go by, the increasing introduction of social concerns by state and national bodies, such as the current issues of solar paneling and workplace rulings, will continue. In the past, these were issues that only rarely reached local levels but they are here now — for better or worse!

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