Tarrytown Music Hall Launches Vinyl Record Sale Fund Raiser

The Tarrytown Music Hall is hosting a Vinyl Record Sale to raise funds to support the operation of the not-for-profit venue. The sale can be found at the Sing Sing Kill Brewery, 75 Spring Street in Ossining NY. The brewery will host the “pre-sale” during their normal hours of operation until October 29th. On October 30th and 31st the Vinyl Record Sale will be held at 15 North Broadway, 2nd Floor, Tarrytown NY, from 10AM-4PM.

Since 1980, the Tarrytown Music Hall has operated as a not-for-profit organization. Today, the venue operates with few full-time staff, freelance workers, and 200 volunteers. One volunteer, Greg Jaquin, is the organizer of the Vinyl Record Sale Fundraiser. He is a local artist, who will be performing at the Music Hall Singer Songwriter Showcase October 26th. Greg has served as a volunteer throughout the past 3 years, and this is the second Vinyl Record Sale Fundraiser held for the Music Hall. Greg has a strong tie with the music hall, as he “grew up going to the theater as a kid. [The Tarrytown Music Hall] has a long history of bringing music to the Hudson Valley, and vinyl has a deep history in the music industry. It seemed like a natural pairing.” The fundraiser has brought a plethora of music lovers together, with many returning faces to peruse the ever-growing collection of vinyl records.

The Tarrytown Music Hall is accepting vinyl record donations, please contact tarrytownmusichallrecords@gmail.com to schedule safe drop-off or pick-up of record collection donations.



    1. It’s a few blocks up a very steep hill. Good news is if you take a wrong turn you’ll be at Sing Sing Prison instead of Brewery!

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