Rivertowns Progress Report 2014 – TARRYTOWN

Rivertowns Progress Report 2014 Irvington For many months at the Tarrytown Village Hall discussions were held regarding the Historic Commons [HC] Zone. According to Village Administrator Mike Blau, “The Board acted on the amendment to the zoning code, map and comprehensive plan amendments on November 17.”


2014 paving included a portion of Neperan Road, Midland Avenue from Ridgewood to the end, and Crest Drive from Midland Avenue to Gunpowder Lane. Additional work was done on North Washington Street from Central Avenue to Wildey Street, Kaldenberg Place and Main Street from Cortlandt Street to Windle Park.

Mike Blau noted that, “All paving has been completed for this year. The schedule for next year is prepared during the Capital Budget process, which will occur in 2015.”

Grant applications provide needed funding for special projects. Tarrytown approved and endorsed the application for a grant under the 2014 Greenway Conservancy Small Grant Program, for a project known as Gracemere Trail Plan. According to Mike, “We have not yet received the contract associated with the $5000 grant. The Village’s Consulting Landscape Architect will be performing the work.”

Two additional grants were awarded, one from the NY State Department of State for $100,000 and one from the Greenway Conservancy for $10,000 for the development of the Tarrytown Lakes Trails. In August, the Board authorized additional funding to complete the project. Mike explained, “There was more work required associated with the repair of the old railroad bridge which is part of the trail.  An additional Capital Budget appropriation was for the additional work at the bridge and some fencing.”

Creating efficiencies in government by sharing services helps to keep expenses down. Tarrytown participates in a successful street paving program agreement, working with communities that are part of the Greenburgh Village Officials Committee. Administrator Blau said, “Tarrytown has been working with other communities for several years on joint paving, and the cost to perform the work is less because there is a greater economy of scale when more paving work is completed as part of the paving contract.”

Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow have extended their previous agreement regarding the Warner Library, currently in force through May 2019. Mike explained that, “The Warner Library is owned by the Village. Sleepy Hollow contracts with Tarrytown for library services and the contract governs how budgets are set and how much each community pays toward the library operation. Both Villages have representatives on the Library Board.”

As a precaution, in 2014 the Board adopted Local Law #3, authorizing a property tax levy in excess of the tax cap override for 2014-2015, even though the tax levy cap was not exceeded.  This legislation is not intended to be adopted for the FY 2015-2016 budget, but it is too preliminary to know for sure at this time.

With the New NY Bridge construction fully underway, Tarrytown residents are not heavily impacted. Mike observes that, “It appears that the construction on our side of the bridge has not been problematic like on the Rockland side. There has been noise as well as some traffic implications.”

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