New Guide to Preventing Pickleball Injuries from Local Doctor

Local provider offers exercises and tips on sports craze in, “The Guide to Pickleball Injury Prevention”

Pickleball is by far the fastest growing sport in the country. It’s easy to see why. Pickleball is an incredibly social game with a low barrier to entry making it appealing to beginners and those with a sports background. With increased participation has come the inevitable rise in related injuries. Analysts have forecasted that pickleball will cost Americans in excess of 400 million dollars in emergency room visits, in-patient office visits, and surgeries.

Lawrence Ruck, a rehab/sports injury chiropractor began to see an uptick in the number of pickleball related injuries in his Tarrytown practice. “Many trying pickleball for the first time have not played a sport in years, sometimes decades. They are prone to repetitive strain and fall related injuries. Some players  are converts from other racket sports who are overzealous and go for every ball. This is where we see our sprain and strain injuries.”

“A well designed, pre-habilitation program can strengthen muscles and better prepare soft tissues for the pounding and quick directional changes of the sport.”

With over 20 years in private practice, Dr. Ruck specializes in teaching patients how to implement strength and mobility routines that are in line with their fitness, hobbies, and sports participation goals. The Guide to Pickleball Injury Prevention presents accessible and ready to implement exercises to support a foundation of strength, mobility, and stability with the goal of decreasing the risk of injury on the courts.

“Every sport comes with risk,” Ruck said. “But if we can mitigate the risk with a clear and concise exercise routine, we can go into the sport feeling a bit more confident.”

The Guide to Pickleball Injury Prevention is available on Amazon or in Dr. Ruck’s office at 200 South Broadway in Tarrytown.

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