Meet River Journal’s April 2022 Pet of the Month

Meet Lucky. Lucky is a retired greyhound who raced (78 times!) in West Virginia as Kelsos BigRedOne. He has been gracing the streets of Tarrytown and the Hudson River since December 2021, upon being rescued and matched with us by Greyhound Rescue & Rehabilitation. 

Lucky resides with his human sisters, Raeya and Mari, who are his main treat providers. Lucky’s many friends include his bestie, Masami and local greys, Pete, Ollie and Violet. 

The greyhound is a type of sighthound that has been used for hunting since ancient times. Greyhounds are characterized by their slender build, long legs, and short fur. They are also known for their speed, being able to reach speeds of up to 68 kilometers per hour. Today, Greyhounds are kept as pets or used in racing. However, they are still sometimes used for hunting. In the United States, there is a breed of a Greyhound called the American Leopard Hound that is still used for hunting deer, wild boar, and coyotes. Greyhounds are gentle and loving dogs that make excellent companions. If you are looking for a new pet, consider a greyhound.

Like other greys bred and raised to race, Lucky had no exposure to other types of dogs, children, stairs, or other typical aspects of being a pet dog, prior to retiring. Luckily, Lucky loves hotdogs and easily learned stairs. He is an (obviously) handsome charmer and convinced his human parents that they were never that cool to begin with and that a minivan was their destiny. He tends to act the alpha when meeting other dogs so he is usually seen sporting his muzzle when out and about, but he loves attention from people so don’t be intimidated if you see us around. Shout out to the dog-lovers and owners of Tarrytown who have been so understanding and welcoming of Lucky. 

Although Lucky is enjoying a well-deserved retirement at age 4, he loves to race Metro North trains and anything that thinks it is remotely “fast.” Feel free to try your luck against our Lucky boy! 

Lucky and his family will receive a special gift basket from the Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital and Bark & Meow. 

Want to see your pet featured in River Journal? Send a photo of your pet – just one photo per pet please – to Include your pet’s name as well as your name, email, phone number and zip code. Winning pets will receive a gift basket and complimentary pet photo shoot from Liflander Photography! 


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