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This publication has written at least a dozen stories about developments on Tarrytown’s waterfront over the past ten years. In the not-too-distant past County Asphalt, a family-owned business, made and distributed road surfacing materials around Westchester County and beyond, from it’s waterfront asphalt plant.


The style of New York City townhouses has inspired Hudson Harbor.

Barrier Oil Company had its headquarters and tanker trucks near the Hudson River as well. Penske Industries also operated its business on the western side of the railroad trucks, adjacent to both County Asphalt and Barrier Oil.

With the Hudson River being named one of America’s Heritage Rivers a different headset began to prevail with regard to its shores. The move away from commercial usage and towards residential and recreational use was unanimously accepted by politicians and the residents who placed them in office.

In Tarrytown, the property that once housed County Asphalt, Barrier Oil and Penske Industries was purchased by National RE/Sources. Known for their ability to remediate commercial sites and build mixed use communities, National RE/Sources went through a series of metamorphoses with the waterfront property. At one time a mega supermarket was proposed. At another a multiplex cinema was discussed. Both ideas included building rental apartments as well. None of these fell upon favor within the Village.

What National RE/Sources finally proposed, which was accepted by the Village of Tarrytown, has been worth the wait. Hudson Harbor (previously called Ferry Landings) is in its first stage of development and very near completion. At present 36 townhouses and 20 condominiums are in the process of being completed for an initial offering in May.

The thirty-six townhouses range in size from 3,200 to 4,500 square feet. Each is four floors with its own personal elevator. The townhouses range from 3-4 bedrooms and 4 ½ baths. A two- car garage at ground level accompanies each.

The twenty condominiums nearing completion are located in The Stonehouse which will also house a restaurant and baked goods shop. The units range from a 800 square feet, 1 bedroom and 1 ½ baths, to 2100 square feet with 2 bedrooms, a den and 2 ½ baths.

What is apparent both outdoors and inside the buildings at Hudson Harbor is the attention to detail and the workmanship. Townhouses have been landscaped with a variety of shrubs and trees both deciduous and evergreen. The variety of the plantings and their sheer size give the townhouses an appearance of having been there for awhile. The landscaping coupled with sod lawns accentuates the beautiful and varied brick facades of the townhouses. Inside the townhouses, farmed mahogany floors speak to elegance and their dark hues make for a comfortable and warm presence. Everywhere and in every room are products that speak to the green revolution and energy efficiency. From the heating and cooling system that actually use the earth beneath the townhouses for efficient and cost effective heat and cooling transfer, to the natural fiber insulation in the walls and windows that not only insulate but reduce noise as well, to state-of-the-art appliances, Hudson Harbor speaks of quality that’s tangible.

Inquiries for further information can be made by calling (914) 631-1198 or by visiting the website

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