Election 2009, Room at the Top

Running unopposed for Mayor and Trustees in Tarrytown are Mayor Drew Fixell, and Trustees Thomas Butler, Becky McGovern, and Doug Zollo. 

Fixell has been a Trustee two and a half terms and Mayor for two full terms.  Tom Butler has been a Trustee for two full terms, McGovern for one full term and Zollo for two full terms.

River Journal asked a Board spokesperson about the effects of the current economic conditions now facing the Mayor and Trustees.

The response was that each of them are well aware of the need for cutting back on expenses, particularly those expenses  that can be postponed until a later date.  It was reported that in conjunction with this economic landscape, Village Administrator Michael Blau has compiled twenty pages of suggestions for both possible cuts and new income sources that could be implemented over the next few months. Department heads have been asked to share their own departmental recommendations. It has also been suggested that services which are now performed by the Village at cost be reconsidered for increased fees. Pet licensing, fingerprinting, and various official letters, for example, are all being reconsidered for movement into this new category.  Additionally, certain "extras" and overtime involved in various parades and celebrations are being carefully looked at as to actual necessity.

Further, on a happier note, the Village Board can expect additional revenues from the newly renamed "Hudson Harbor" (former "Ferry Landings") project.  According to former mayor Paul Janos, now involved in the local management of the National RE-Sources project, sales could start as early as this coming spring. Simultaneously, the property that holds the Washington Engine Company. will be sold for approximately $450,000.  Whatever new projects are developed, the Board and Village management are all concerned with keeping expenditures to a minimum.

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