Citibank Closes its Doors in Tarrytown…Bigger Issue is Loss of Parking

Merchants on Broadway and Main Street in Tarrytown have benefited from the metered parking lot on Neperan Road.  The lot contains approximately thirty-seven parking spaces which served not only former Citibank customers but residents and visitors who shop and dine in the Village. The Citibank building and parking lot are for sale, according to Village Administrator Michael Blau, and as a result the Village has removed its metered parking and the Bank has gated the lot.

Whether by chance or annoyance the gate has been partially knocked down and a handful of cars can be seen in the lot daily.

At the time this publication went to press no mitigating action or remedy was in the works between the Village of Tarrytown and Citibank, to permit legal parking in the lot.

Tarrytown parking is at a premium and the loss of the lot can only intensify the already problematic condition.



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