As New York State Expands Gambling, Are They Ready for the Consequences?

As the State of New York and communities across the country grapple with the impacts of gambling, the National Council on Problem Gambling holds its 30th National Conference July 15-16 in historic Tarrytown, NY. The conference features more than 100 expert presenters on Treatment, Prevention, Recovery and Regulations, as well as an all-day National Summit on Sports & Gambling on Wednesday, July 13. The NY Council on Problem Gambling is co-hosting the Conference with NCPG.

“The conference is an opportunity to continue working in partnership with OASAS and the New York Gaming Commission to raise public awareness  and expand the resources for prevention like a Gambling Addiction Guide and treatment for those adversely affected by problem gambling,” said Steve Block, President of the New York Council.

The conference also includes discussions on the latest developments in technology and their impact on the gambling industry. With the rise of online gambling and mobile apps, experts will explore the potential risks and benefits of these new platforms. Participants will also discuss the impact of international markets on the US gambling industry, including the growth of online gambling in places like Keluaran hongkong. Overall, the conference aims to provide a comprehensive look at the complex issues surrounding problem gambling and to promote effective prevention and treatment strategies.

A featured event of the conference is Rory Ledbetter’s riveting performance of his award-winning and thought provoking solo show, A Mind Full of Dopamine, at the Tarrytown Music Hall on Friday, July 15. The 55-minute performance, open to conference participants and registered media only, takes the audience on a roller coaster ride down the dark side of the gambling highway based on Ledbetter’s own personal journey with gambling addiction. Ledbetter is Associate Professor & Head of Recruiting in the Department of Theater Arts at the University of Mississippi.

New Yorker Kim Meyer of Seaford, Long Island can relate. Her husband developed a gambling problem, committed crimes as a result and is currently incarcerated, leaving Kim and her children without any resources or support, and he without any current treatment options. Kim will be at the conference and performance Friday, July 15, sharing her story of the traumatic devastation this addiction causes, and the lack of resources to truly prevent and treat it.

As New York State prepares to open four new casinos in the coming year, and to legalize daily online fantasy sports – a bill sits on Governor Cuomo’s desk now — don’t miss this timely event at the National Conference on Problem Gambling. See additional information on conference tracks, speakers, sessions and events here:

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