Affordable Housing Coming to Tarrytown

According to Tarrytown Village Administrator, Mike Blau, twelve years ago – February 28, 2004, to be exact – Tarrytown’s Board of Trustees “felt it was necessary to have an affordable housing component” in the first developer agreement with National Resources. Tarrytown already has low income and affordable housing to a degree not seen in neighboring rivertowns. This new housing will add an additional 12 units which are projected to be rental units. The site on Wildey Street, just west of Broadway, housed the previous Village Hall which was demolished. 

A total of 8 one-bedroom apartments and 4 two-bedroom apartments will be built. With these affordable units, potential renters’ income levels will be based on the average salary of a Village employee. That dollar amount was calculated in September 2015 at $78,762. According to Blau, rental rates are established per the Village Code based upon this average.

He also cited “preference groups for the housing” which are outlined in the Village’s Code Chapter 305, Section 130.1.

A Building Permit was issued on May 11 and according to the agreement with the developer and the Village, the work must be completed within 18 months of the permit’s issuance. The Village’s affordable housing committee will work with National Resources on the process of qualifying renters, according to Blau.

National Resources (the developers of Hudson Harbor) have contributed to a number of projects within Tarrytown which have included an addition to the Senior Center. Blau stated that National Resources is in the process of finishing the new Recreation Center and pool.  Estimated value for the building and the pool is $3M.  They also paid for the exercise equipment in the fitness center valued at $120,000 and the furniture in the building and around the pool at $68,000.  The developer also donated the land which is currently used as RiverWalk Park and contributed money to fixing the existing sink holes on the Walk.

To date, the waterfront development known as Hudson Harbor has generated $951,191.00 in taxes for the Village of Tarrytown.

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