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River Journal received this story from Caitlyn Sarofeen who is 8 years old. She printed her story on ruled paper and kept all her words in between the lines. Good job Caitlyn.  We have typed it to share with our readers and offer them possible gift-giving ideas.
I think a good pet to get would be a Teddy Bear Hamster. They are easy to take care of, gentle, fun and adorable! I am glad my Mom and Dad agreed to get me a hamster. I named him Snowball. Taking care of Snowball is easy. He lives in a glass tank with a wire top. I keep him in my room on top of a small table. I put bedding in his cage so he has somewhere soft to lie down. I put in a Timber Hide-a-way so he has a dark place to sleep. My hamster also has a water bottle and a food bowl. The food and water is changed at least every three days and the cage is cleaned every week or so. Snowball eats hamster food. The food is dried corn, seeds, pellets and little orange and green treats. Sometimes I give him lettuce and apples. A hamster absolutely needs a running wheel in his cage! Snowball’s running wheel is magenta, white and yellow.

Snowball is very gentle. Since I got him I have picked him up almost every day. Now he lets me pick him up and hold him and doesn’t usually bite me. You can’t pet Snowball with your whole palm because it might hurt him, but you can use one or two fingers to pet him. He feels very soft and fluffy. I think he likes to be petted. Snowball is a lot of fun! I like to pick him up and let him run around on the floor. I also like to put him in his hamster ball. The hamster ball gives him exercise. Watching him run on his hamster wheel is lots of fun too. Many people can have different kinds of pets, but I think Teddy Bear Hamsters are the best! ©

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