Sleepy Hollow’s Newest Halloween Haunt

Photo by Mark Liflander.On the weekend of October 25 and 26, a massive 50’ by 50’ performance tent in Sleepy Hollow’s waterfront Horan’s Landing Park will house two days of near-continuous, Halloween-themed entertainment. Three distinctly different acts will share the tent and perform throughout the weekend: Westchester Circus Arts will debut Nevermore – a circus theater adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven”; Rivertown Artists Workshop will present Grisly Kids – a collection of dance pieces inspired by the works of Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, and others; and actor/storyteller David Neilsen will present his acclaimed one-man show H.P. Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulhu – a tale of forbidden knowledge, secret cults, and apocalyptic madness from beyond time and space.

Photo credit: Mark Liflander.

The entire event, Halloween at Horan’s Landing, is the brainchild of the Sleepy Hollow Downtown Development Committee (a sub-committee of the Sleepy Hollow Downtown Revitalization Corporation) and Westchester Circus Arts. It is being sponsored by National Resources, the developer of The River House. “We are promoting events that benefit families, individuals and businesses in our Village,” says committee chair Karen Wompa. “Halloween is a large part of achieving that goal. Having the Halloween Performance Tent at Horan’s Landing will bring visitors to the Village, promote the new development down at the riverfront, benefit businesses located at the western end of Beekman Avenue, and provide a wonderful attraction for residents to enjoy.”

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