Ken Wray and Incumbent Trustees to Run on Unite Sleepy Hollow Slate

Unite Sleepy Hollow, a non-partisan political committee for the Village that was created for the 2015 mayoral election announced on Wednesday that Ken Wray would run for his eighth term as Mayor. Denise Scaglione will join him in the re-election effort, running for her fifth term as Trustee with Tom Andruss and Jared Rodriguez running for their second term. All terms of office are for two years.

Believing that state and national politics have little in common with issues facing the local voter, Unite Sleepy Hollow was established in 2015 to provide voters with the best slate of candidates without regard to national political party affiliation. Voters have overwhelming supported Unite Sleepy Hollow which has swept the village elections since.

The central 2023 campaign theme is “Serious Progress Delivered.”

Remarking on the upcoming election, Mayor Wray said, “I am proud of the work that has been accomplished over the last decade. Through a lengthy and active public process, from 2016 to 2019, residents and business owners voiced their concerns and wishes for the future of their village. A comprehensive plan was drafted and approved that affirms this community’s desire for diversity and for social, economic and ecological justice. The Unite Sleepy Hollow slate is delivering on that plan and will continue to do so. In fact, just today, we received a $4.5 million grant from New York State to revitalize our downtown economic corridor.”

“Shovels are in the ground throughout the village. Voters can see the Edge on Hudson development rising, they can walk along the new Riverwalk, construction is beginning on a 21st century DPW facility, and drawings for the 28-acre Common are complete.

“On other campaign promises, such as keeping property taxes in check — averaging less than 1% per year — we have delivered without cutting services. Like every municipality in New York State, we are looking at how our police force and community interact. We recognize that we have a role to play in responding to climate change, to restore the shoreline of the Pocantico River and to protect our urban forest as critical infrastructure.”

Campaign themes will also include stability of leadership; leveraged financial support from NYS; major infrastructure improvements for the downtown neighborhood; the successful and ongoing outreach to the Village’s Spanish-speaking communities; increased acreage of parklands and public space; the festivals, street fairs, and expanded Halloween events that have resulted in an increase in tourism.

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  1. If Democrats really believed in climate change hooey, they would not be buying real estate near shorelines and coastlines. There are several other reasons not to believe in this hokum but it is a good starting point. If anyone responds to this, kindly do not mention polar bears dying or ice caps melting or the yearly temperature being much higher than ever. All have been proven false.

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