Community Opportunity Center Committee Formed

In a letter signed by Mayors Zegarelli and Fixell and the Superintendent of Schools, Howard Smith, The Community Opportunity Center Board has been asked to forward certain financial and program records to the Tarrytown Village Administrator.

imagesAt the same time, Mayor Fixell, in the Tarrytown July l7 Village Trustee meeting, announced the formation of a Trustee/citizen committee to determine if a more successful relationship between the COC and The Boys and Girls Club of Westchester can be established. In a June press release from The Boys and Girls Club, the dissolution of the relationship was announced. Almost immediately, the current summer program was continued through a grant from the County at Andy Spano’s direction.

In a conversation with John Keels, Director of the Center, Keels expressed some question about the necessity of a Committee in this matter and said that the Board would furnish the requested information. He also added that he was not sure why this was coming up at this time. He pointed to a phrase in the Fixell/Zegarelli/Smith letter indicating that "Important information has been made available to us as to the role of and possible responsibilities that we might collectively have in meeting the needs of the COC." Keels said that "he had not been asked to attend any of the ongoing informal meetings." The COC law firm of Bozeman, Trott and Savage in White Plains indicated that a response would be "coming soon" from the COC Board.

Where all of this ends up will become clear as all sides furnish more definitive information. At the moment, the only thing that can be said with clarity is "Stay tuned."

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