Greg Jacquin: From Walking the Beat to Keeping the Beat 

Jacquin is committed to the betterment of the River Towns area through music.

If you live in the River Towns and enjoy local music, you have a lot of reasons to thank Greg Jacquin. Born in Sleepy Hollow, and still a local resident, Jacquin is committed to the betterment of the River Towns area and its community through music. From his high school days as an aspiring musician, performing with his band at talent shows, to his career in law enforcement as an Ossining police officer, and to now managing the Tarrytown Music Hall, Jacquin has become an integral part of the River Towns vibrant music and entertainment scene. 

Jacquin’s impact on the River Towns area began long before he became the front of house manager at the Music Hall. His first important contribution to the community was when he chose to put his music career on hold to pursue a career as an Ossining police officer. As a police officer, Jacquin received awards for his life-saving work. Unfortunately, an injury forced him to retire from the force. 

Jacquin performs every year at the Sleepy Hollow Street Fair.

With his retirement, Jacquin was able to start pursuing his career as a musician again. With the support of family and friends, it wouldn’t be long before he would start recording his first of two albums, Hudson River in 2018, and its follow up, Clocks Slow Down in 2019. His music can be described as folk/Americana, but he does not like to be pigeonholed into a genre. His lyrics tend to reflect how he feels, as he uses music as an outlet for his emotions. His songwriting seems to intertwine a deep appreciation for the Hudson Valley and emotions that people can relate to. 

Jacquin helped launched Marquee Records at the Music Hall.

In 2020, as with most musicians, the Covid-19 epidemic affected Jacquin in a multitude of ways. Prior to Covid-19, he worked with many local musicians to begin a series of open-mic events at local establishments. The open-mic events became a precursor to the Singer-Songwriter Showcase at the Music Hall, which continues to highlight local musicians in the community.  

During Covid, he continued to showcase local artists and bands by live-streaming events like the showcase, but like many musicians and concertgoers, he deeply missed live music. Live performances of the showcase were to return in 2022. “The Singer-Songwriter Showcase is a community-building event,” Jacquin had stated. 

Also in 2020, Jacquin was offered his current position at the Tarrytown Music Hall. 

His role at the Music Hall combined with his love of collecting records led to the launch of Marquee Records, the non-profit record store at the Music Hall. Marquee Records is run by Jaquin and a host of volunteers and all proceeds are funneled back into supporting the Music Hall. Jacquin believes every volunteer plays a valuable role in the Music Hall’s ability to sustain itself. 


  1. Greg is so awesome I I have known him for a long time he is a great manager, that was a really great write up I am so grateful to be a volunteer at the Music Hall

  2. Greg was a great Law Enforcement Officer
    and a great partner on the street!!
    If I would of known more about his
    music the guitar would of came on patrol
    with us!😆🤙🏼

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