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I stumbled upon Red Barn Bakery last year some time in March. The woman who was baking organic pies and tarts and selling them at the Stone Barns farmer’s market had opened a retail store in Irvington.  The space was formerly an old auto garage which she transformed into a beautiful (cafe/bakery).  This peaked my interest as I have been eating organically since I was 16, and the fact that someone would actually open an organic bakery in Westchester was a major gift to someone like me who was raised in NYC and had been to everything from Angelica’s Kitchen to Birdbath. I was thrilled because nothing like this existed in Westchester, especially in the lower Hudson Valley.

I was immediately hooked by the delicious array of baked goods, and the presentation was magical — almost like a painting.  Red Barn offered  the largest selection of gluten-free scones and muffins I have ever seen and they actually tasted good, with an ingredient list which is refreshingly small.

The owner/baker,  Randell Dodge, is an artist with a painter’s eye. She is quick to say “Hi” in welcoming you into the world of Red Barn Bakery. Whether serving brunch on the weekends, offering organic baguettes with farm fresh eggs, home fries, pure organic french roast coffee and juice, to gluten-free organic fritatas with Sprout Creek’s goat cheese and shitake mushrooms ( a deal at under $10 for brunch), to the temptation of the organic french macaroons, pistachio cardamom and the hazelnut chocolate ganache, you will always find a diverse selection to choose from.

The bakery now bakes organic breads daily, including whole wheat baguettes, crocodillo bread with rosemary and olives, and brioche. It is the only bakery on the Hudson that bakes organic Challah on Fridays — both plain and raisin. If you love chocolate, then the organic double chocolate brownie is a must have — and not to forget — they are a bakery and actually bake organic wedding cakes and specialty cakes to order. Everything is baked on site and how refreshing is that!

[blockquote class=blue]Red Barn Bakery is located at 4 South Astor Street, Irvington, NY.  914-231-7779.[/blockquote]

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