An Artful Gift to the Briarcliff Community

One of the books in the collection.

More lasting than flowers and more sustaining than candy is a gift of books, and the story behind this gift is no less beautiful. Alice and Stanley Goldstein lived and raised their family in Briarcliff, with Alice taking great care in designing a lovely home for her family. When Alice passed away in 2019, a group of Stanley’s friends, the “Briarcliff Roundtable,” surprised Stanley with a collection of architecture books at the Library, in memory of Alice. 

The books are big, beautiful, glossy ones, all on topics of architecture and home design. Stanley, always a passionate library user and generous supporter, set up a fund, so that  the collection can be added to and updated it every year. The scope includes architecture from around the world, various architecture styles, “green” homes, “creative“ homes and all manner of interiors. Remembering Alice and the wonderful home she created inspires and helps us all to do the same. 

These books can be consulted by Briarcliff Library, in the Alice Goldstein Memorial Fund Architecture and Design Collection. 


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