Artist Spotlight: Ronnie Levine – Hooked on the River Towns 

Ronnie Levine’s Irvington At The River

If you take a walk down the bustling streets of Tarrytown on a nice day, chances are you will encounter Ronnie Levine. She is often found observing the vibrant people of Tarrytown as they stroll about, capturing their images with her paintbrush as she incorporates them into her various compositions. 

 With her unique approach to oil painting, Levine brings ordinary scenes of suburbia to life, removing different details of monotony to replace them with bright colors and interesting characters—stemming from those she encounters during her time painting. When I paint outdoors, I find tremendous enthusiasm from people,” said Levine. The people of Tarrytown love to see Levine in her element, almost as much as they admire her ability to personalize her pieces by infusing them with local landscapes and faces. 

 When Levine chooses a location she would like to represent in a painting, she sets up an easel and her paint, and remains there for hours as she begins to create. Each decision made regarding her work requires great thought and care, and Levines tendency to focus on rich colors, different characters, and new elements to scenery that residents know and love is what draws attention to her art. 

To Levine, it is very important that her art can be shared with all. It is not about the money, but about spreading the joy of her work to the community. To increase the availability of her work, Levine also has prints and greeting cards made of her paintings. 

Ronnie Levine’s Tarrytown 6

Art matters in a profound way to many, many people. Even though most people are making beautiful pictures with their phones, there is still something special about painting. I see in their eyes that a lot of people agree,” remarked Levine. All art brings people together, but there is something special about local art that brings a community closer together. Whether supporting local art entails purchasing it, or merely letting the artist know that her work is appreciated, it is evident that Levine receives great feedback from the community. 

For someone who has painted locations such as Central Park and the South Street Seaport, some may wonder why the towns along the Hudson River stand out to Levine. I just got hooked on the river towns. I think theyre absolutely beautiful, and I feel my work acts as preservation,” explained Levine. Her long-term focus on the river towns is something that Levine takes pride in and has no intention of stopping anytime soon. 

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  1. What a wonderful article! Ronnie is a treasured fixture in the Rivertowns, especially Tarrytown. It’s always so nice to see her doing her work and appreciating everything that is around her. I’ve had many wonderful conversations with her and I am honored to have her as a friend.

    1. Thank you so very much, Jeanne! I’m honored to have you as my friend too, and am always happy to speak with you in person and online. And I think many other people also welcome your kindness, community spirit, and contributions to our area!

    1. Aww, thanks very much, Ann! It’s said that on Renoir’s last day of life, in his eighties, with decades of great success to his name, he was still enthusiastic about what he’d learned about art THAT DAY! I read that many years ago as an art student and thought, that’s the way to live. I hope I get to do it.

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