Fat Baby Bourbon – Turning Pepper’s Spirit Into Fine Spirits

“Unique, bold, and a beacon of joy.” Those are the words that Joshua Mahan, the Fat Baby Bourbon founder and Sleepy Hollow resident, uses to describe his daughter Pepper, and […] Read more »

Non-Profit Partnership Profits Kids and their Families

If it takes a village to provide a well-rounded education for our kids, Peekskill is providing that village. The city’s Youth Bureau has teamed with Arts 10566’s expanded arts education […] Read more »

River Towns and the Underground Railroad

The River Towns and the Hudson River itself are rich in history, including the pivotal role they played in the Revolutionary War – and the Underground Railroad. The Railroad was […] Read more »

Regeneron – Doing Well by Doing Good

Regeneron is a Tarrytown-based biotechnology company that’s been inventing life-transforming medicines for 35 years. In 2020, as Covid-19 was spreading, Regeneron discovered and developed an antibody cocktail in record time […] Read more »

River Towns and The Revolution

The Hudson Valley and especially the river itself played a pivotal role in the Revolutionary War. The British fought to control the river so they could divide the colonies and […] Read more »

Irvington’s Octagon House is One of a Kind 

Arlington, Virginia has the Pentagon, and Irvington has the Octagon. The Armour-Stiner Octagon House is an 8,400-square-foot home containing 20 rooms, including eight bedrooms and six bathrooms. It’s located on […] Read more »

How I Lighten My Mind to Enlighten My Life  

I have suffered from anxiety for most of my life. I’m far from alone. According to a study by Kaiser Family Foundation, one-third of adults surveyed (and half of those […] Read more »

John Sharp Has a New Lease on Gleason’s 

Popular Peekskill pub Gleason’s has made a short move into a much bigger space. The bar and restaurant took its crowd-pleasing pizza, and carefully-crafted cocktails, into the former home of […] Read more »

Get Your Glamp On with The Canvas Experience

If you love the great outdoors, but don’t want to sleep on a hard dirt floor in a sleeping bag,  glamping is for you. Glamping mixes the fun and adventure […] Read more »

Big Heart. Big Smile. Big Legacy.  

Keaton Guthrie-Goss had a smile that lit up the room and he lived for connection, friendship, and love. He was voted “Most Loved by All” at Masters High School in […] Read more »