Holiday Blues or Bells?

It is widely believed that rates of depression increase around this time of year.  There are a few reasons for this, including having fewer hours of sunlight, as well as the pressure... Read more »

Emotional Wisdom

In the past decade we have made tremendous strides in education, enabling us to intervene with precision with reading disabilities; we have insisted on maintaining an arts curriculum despite budget challenges; we... Read more »

Attending the Prom?……Read On!

Prom season is upon us.  Because I work with so many 12th graders I get to hear all about dress shopping, date drama, after-prom plans, and the like.  It makes me think... Read more »

The Truth About Tanning: 10 Facts About Sun Protection & Preventing Skin Cancer

With summer fast approaching and May being Skin Cancer Awareness Month, it’s never been more important to know the facts about sun protection, especially in light of recent medical findings. According to... Read more »

A Touchy Subject

In my work with teenagers and young adults I have witnessed a trend that disturbs me.  In recent months I have had to deal with young men—high school and college age—who got... Read more »
Quad Village Physical Therapy

Passion, Experience, Expertise…All at Quad Village Physical Therapy

That’s what patients will benefit from at Quad Village Physical Therapy. Read more »


I love irony.  As I sit down to write this, A Time Magazine cover story is giving the message to stop overparenting.  HA! Read more »

End of Life

This is an invitation to begin a special sort of conversation – with yourself, with those you love and, if help is needed, with a trained professional.  It’s a conversation which many... Read more »

Locally — In Need of a Kidney Transplant

Recently River Journal became aware of the well-known radio broadcaster Warner Rush who lives in Scarborough. Rush, now 73 years old, had received a kidney transplant from his sister eight years ago... Read more »
Laurie Sperandio

FitLaurie, Inc.

She cringes when she gets a call from a potential client whose son is having a Bar Mitzvah in two months (which is wonderful!) but she’s wearing a sleeveless dress and needs... Read more »