Around the House:  Surviving a Renovation Part I – Planning & Preparing

Renovations can be stressful.  The expense, the ever-shifting end-date, and workmen tramping through your personal space for weeks or months on end can all wreak just as much havoc on your sanity... Read more »

Around the House:  “Childproofing” a Home

As I write this column, I am heading into the final weeks of pregnancy, and my household is eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new, tiny Burruss. My mailbox is flooded with... Read more »

Around the House: Freshen Up Your Home for the New Year

Another New Year is upon us! And though hopefully we are all ready to embrace the new adventures, challenges and changes that lay ahead, by this point in the season, our homes... Read more »

Prepare Your Home for Holiday Guests

The holidays are nearly here and, for many of us, that means houseguests are as well!  While being surrounded by friends and family is one of the greatest joys of the season,... Read more »

Fresh Fall Color Combos

The season is turning and clients are clamoring for ways to simply and affordably  “fall-i-fy” their homes with richer hues, cozy fabrics, and autumnal accessories. Rather than styling homes with the standard... Read more »

Accessories to Elevate Any Interior

There are several go-to accessories I turn to time and again to add a layer of sophistication to the interior spaces I design for clients and style for events.  These guaranteed winners... Read more »

Al Fresco Made Easy

It’s finally arrived!  Warm weather, sunshine, and beach-boat-BBQ season! Sadly, for many of us, our only real chance to enjoy this longed-for summer weather during the workweek is while waiting for the... Read more »

Small Projects With Big Impact

Though I consider myself quite the homebody and an “indoorsy” sort of person, by this time of year I always feel pretty stir-crazy after being cooped up all winter. Spring Fever has... Read more »

Let Plants Breathe Life into Your Home this Spring

We are all weary of winter by this time of year, so why not breathe some life into our homes with lush plants and sweetly-scented Spring flowers to remind us of the... Read more »

Creating a Color Story

Creating a cohesive color story is perhaps the most impactful – and fun! – step in crafting a thoughtful, beautiful home. A well-planned color scheme visually links one space to the next... Read more »