Universal Healing Arts Welcomes New Tai Chi/Qigong Instructor

Sifu Gary Renza

Universal Healing Arts Center in Cortlandt Manor is announced the hiring of Sifu Gary Renza as Tai Chi/Qigong instructor in the Chinese Healing and Martial Arts

Sifu Renza has trained extensively in Tai Chi and Chi Kung for over 30 years. His training in the Chinese healing and martial arts includes Tai Chi Ch’uan, Northern and Southern Shao’lin Ch’uan, Ching Na, Pa Kia Chang and Chinese Kenpo.

Gary brings his extensive knowledge and application of Taoist and Buddhist philosophy, Chinese medicine and Herbology to his teachings.

Gary has written articles for some leading martial arts magazines. He is a published writer and lecturer and was among world-class experts from acclaimed mind-body specialists to energy medicine practitioners that were featured in “The Healing Field,” a documentary film that explores the breakthroughs in the fields of energy medicine, quantum physics, DNA, genetics and the biochemistry of emotions.

Sifu Renza has competed in tournaments in past years and received numerous awards for his excellence and perseverance in the Chinese martial arts.

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