Sleepy Hollow Picks 9 Proposals for $4.5 Million State Grant

A proposal to transform the vacant Strand Theatre into an arts and culture center is among the nine proposals chosen by Sleepy Hollow planners for consideration under a $4.5 million state revitalization grant.

More affordable housing and a makeover for the vacant Strand Theatre are among nine proposals selected by Village of Sleepy Hollow planners for consideration under a $4.5 million state revitalization grant.  

The Nov. 8 selections followed seven Local Planning Committee meetings, two public workshops and four community meetings after the village was awarded a New York Forward grant in December 2022. The program supports development and implementation of strategic investment plans for downtowns located within smaller communities with historic character.   

The grant is intended to transform neighborhoods into vibrant centers that offer a high quality of life and attract redevelopment, business, job creation, and economic and housing diversity. 

Among the nine projects (with funding amounts) are six proposed by the village itself: 

  • Create Cortlandt Square ($475,000) 
  • Improve streetscaping along Cortlandt Street ($1.509 million) 
  • Improve streetscaping along Valley Street ($726,000) 
  • Establish a community art program ($225,000) 
  • Establish a façade improvement fund ($300,000) 
  • Establish a branding, marketing, and wayfinding (signage) program ($240,000) 
Village of Sleepy Hollow planners have chosen nine proposals for consideration under a $4.5 million state revitalization grant. Photo: Village of Sleepy Hollow.

One project is a partnership between the village and Tarrytowns school district: 

  • Create “Plaza Nueva” and redesign the park at Morse School ($1 million)  

Two proposals came from private sponsors: 

  • Expand affordable housing at 100 College Ave. ($500,000) 
  • Transform the vacant Strand Theatre on Beekman Avenue into a community arts and culture center. This proposal was submitted by Sleepy Hollow Strand Partners, which includes River Journal publisher Alain Begun. ($1.5 million) 

These projects will be submitted to the state for consideration in December with a final decision expected in 2024 on how the grant money will be distributed. Development could start in 2025. 

The following projects were submitted as supporting initiatives: 

  • Restore the façade and install EV chargers at 47 Beekman Ave.  
  • Redevelop 193 Beekman Ave. with workforce and market rate housing  
  • Improve streetscaping along lower Beekman Avenue 
  • Revelop vacant lots at 64-68 Beekman Avenue for dining and gathering 
  • Rehabilitate facade of the former VFW building at 228 N. Washington St. 
  • Renovate 110 Beekman Ave. into Sleep Hollow Coffee, Two 

Sleepy Hollow’s local planning committee is co-chaired by Mayor Martin Rutyna and Marsha Gordon, president and CEO of the Business Council of Westchester. Members include the Rev. Christian Santiago, Jessica Mejias, Kirsten Hase-McLaughlin, Laura Rey Innarelli, Mark Soja, Michele Gonzalez, Michelle Spino Adruss, Trustee Rene Leon, Sara Hodgdon and Torrance Walley

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