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Miranda-Risnes of Stand Tall Breathe Deep.

For Corina Miranda-Risnes, owner of Ossining-based Stand Tall Breathe Deep, the decision to become a Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Mat instructor, and NYS Licensed Massage Therapist was rooted in her previous life in corporate America where she saw other overworked professionals like herself make poor health decisions due to exhaustion and fatigue.   

For the past 15 years, she has been a holistic and integrated approach to fitness through a combination of therapeutic massage, Pilates and personalized programs to support and uplift active, busy professionals. River Journal caught up with Corina last month to learn more. 

River Journal: What services do you offer?  

Corina Miranda-Risnes: I offer therapeutic massage, Pilates mat sessions, and fitness programs conveniently delivered in person or online. I graduated from The Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy in 2009 and have been practicing ever since.  

RJ: What is unique about your business? 

CMR: As a NYS-licensed massage therapist and certified fitness professional practicing for over a decade, I’ve enjoyed working with a diverse population in various wellness environments in NYC and Westchester County. 

Miranda-Risnes integrates Pilates alignment, breath flow, and core strengthening principles in massage sessions for a unique and integrated approach.

Massage is a holistic, non-invasive, and quite effective therapy for easing chronic ailments, reducing stress, and enhancing overall well-being. Every session is tailored to your needs and preferences, blending the most appropriate and therapeutic techniques.  

Pilates Mat has numerous benefits, from improving flexibility and core strength to promoting good posture and muscular endurance. It’s a versatile and effective workout that will help you move better through everyday tasks. And it’s suitable for everyone! 

I love integrating Pilates alignment, breath flow, and core strengthening principles in massage sessions for a unique and integrated approach. I support clients with post-massage care by recommending personalized stretches and self-care routines to extend the benefits of the treatment.  

RJ: How are you involved in the community? 

CMR: It’s important to me to make therapeutic massage and exercise a feasible wellness plan in a safe and comfortable environment for all who might not consider it otherwise.  

I offer complimentary Pilates mat intro classes every 3rd Saturday of the Month; you may join in person or virtually.  Registration is required. To make massage accessible and convenient,  I also offer community hours on certain days and times (determined by demand). Options include shorter sessions on a chair massage, ideal for those who might have difficulty getting on a massage table, don’t have lots of time, and want to keep costs down.   

Call to book your massage for the last Thursday of the month and save $25 off the regular price on hour or longer sessions. To stay up to date with these details, you can sign up for my newsletter.  

Learn more by visiting  

Stand Tall Breathe Deep
Integrative Fitness Therapy
100 Park Professional
One Willow, Bldg A, 2nd Floor
South Highland Ave.
Ossining, NY 10562  

Open by Appointment
(845) 633-9124


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